As a church we passionately believe in the power of prayer. God still hears and answers our prayers, and we love to see Him move in that way! 

If you’d like to have someone pray with you, our team are available at every service.

At Re:Hope we are passionate about raising up people who pray expectantly for God to move. Here are a number of ways you can get involved in prayer at Re:Hope.


Pre-Service Prayer

We love to gather at 9am on a Sunday morning to pray for God to move in the service, our community and nation. We strongly encourage anyone to come and join us in these times!


The prayer time lasts about 30 mins and includes times of praise, intercession and listening to God. Whether or not you are confident in prayer, you would be welcome to join us! And there is still 30 mins to grab a coffee before the main service starts.


Prayer Ministry

We recognise that life at times can be difficult. While we can pray for ourselves, we also follow the example of Jesus in praying for others.


Every Sunday you will have the opportunity to be prayed for by a member of our prayer ministry team who are more than happy and willing to pray for anything. This could be prayer for family situations, illness, physical healing, past hurts, forgiveness, future guidance, or simply to meet with God afresh. Whatever it is, our team would love to pray with you. 


The team consists of gifted and highly trustworthy members of our church, who are passionate about praying for God’s work in your life. Each member on our team has been trained in praying for others.

Prayer Room

We have a room set apart, for the purpose of spending time with God in prayer. You would be welcome to book some time in this room if you would like a space away from distractions, to spend time with Jesus.


You may book out this room individually or with a few people. Email